Mako Robotic Assisted Surgery

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The Woodlands Suite at The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is the first NHS hospital in the U.K to offer Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery during hip and knee replacements to private patients.

Mako is an incredible new tool which aids the precision of joint replacements. It has been successfully used in over 100,000 procedures across the world and is clinically proven to be more accurate, reduce post-operative pain and speed up recovery.

How it Works

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Clinical evidence

Mako has already successfully completed 100,000 procedures and is backed up by more than 50 published peer reviewed clinical publications, plus more than 350 scientific abstracts accepted at peer reviewed scientific conferences. Click here to find out more about clinical evidence via Stryker, the producer of the Mako system.


Having a procedure with Mako costs approximately the same as a traditional joint replacement. Why wouldn’t you opt for increased precision, reduced post-operative pain and a quicker recovery?

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